Impedance Matching Design with the Smith Chart

This course will introduce you to the Smith Chart and how it relates the reflection coefficient to impedances and admittances. You will start with an overview of how the Smith Chart circles are derived and what they mean, along with a basic orientation of short and open circuit terminations, inductances, capacitance, etc.
Next with four basic rules and software written by the instructor, you will be able to create matching networks on the chart almost immediately. The use of transmission lines is also explained with the aid of the software performing the calculations. Our exclusive online workbooks combine a review of principles along with exercises utilizing the online Smith Chart web app.
Once you have gotten familiar with the layout of the chart and have some intuition from working with the aid of the software, we can move on to working with the chart more in-depth and perform the calculations manually. Examples in the lecture are followed by our exclusive online workbook exercises which integrate a concise review of formulas with interactive calculators to help you work on class exercises. A color PDF of the Smith Chart is available to download and print for use with pen and paper, or you can use it with your pen-based tablet to draw matching networks.
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