Sample Recorded Classroom Course


Experience a Classroom Course

... with online convenience!

Besser Associates is now offering selected public course presentations, professionally video recorded, with online accessibility anywhere you have internet access!

Selected Besser Associates public courses have been professionally video recorded and edited into online video "episodes." Each "episode" lasts 45 - 90 minutes and can be started and stopped as you wish. A PDF copy of the course notes is also provided to allow you to follow along with the material.

Sign up now and enjoy the following features:

High Definition (HD) video
Professional quality audio
Multiple camera angles to show whiteboard details, slide overviews
Segmented into ~30 - 60 minute "episodes"
Play, pause, rewind as desired
Compatible with mobile devices/tablets
Ask questions via online forum or private email
Besser Associates has already offered this recording service to our corporate customers on several occasions allowing them to extend the reach and accessibility of their classroom training sessions. Now for the first time we are offering the same convenience to individual attendees in a public course — allowing you to experience the benefits of training with minimal impact on your schedule!

Join this sample course and see a short sample of the video for yourself!

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