EMC/EMI Shielding/Grounding for Chip & PCB Layout (140)

Five 90-minute sessions. This seminar discusses techniques for identifying the sources of unwanted coupling and radiation, and systematic approaches for their minimization. This course is available as part of the RF Mentor Academy subscription.
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  • Define electromagnetic compatibility.
  • Identify sources of coupling and radiation.
  • Discuss and simulate the effectiveness of various shielding strategies.
Target Audience:
Product and package design engineers of all expertise levels will benefit from this course. A basic engineering background (BSEE or equivalent) is required.Outline
Electomagnetic Compatibility
Definition of EMC
Ground definitions
Measuring Radiation
large scale (test box) and localized (probes)
Coupling and Radiation
Differential and common mode connections
Coupling control techniques
Crosstalk between microstrip vs other lines
Radiation vs. loop area
Isolation techniques
Shielding effectiveness and wave impedance; shield materials
Effects of slots and holes in shield
Multiple small or fewer large holes?
Transfer impedance as the effectiveness parameter
Current distribution between shield and ground plane
Coupling through common ground inductance
Shared vias
Ground plane discontinuities and inductance effects
Choking off ground currents, filtering the power lines
Experimental/Numerical Techniques of Problem Solving
Case Studies
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