Digital Modulation Webinar

This seminar covers the basics of analog and digital modulation, including sampling and pulsed signals. The fundamental digital modulation formats such as BPSK, QPSK, and QAM are described. Continuous-phase formats (MSK, FSK) are covered as well.
Learning Objectives:
  • identify the benefits of digital vs. analog modulation
  • identify the symptoms of aliasing caused by under-sampling a signal
  • apply pulse theory to the understanding of frequency and time domain interaction
  • identify basic digital modulation formats (BPSK, QPSK, etc.)
  • understand tradeoffs between data rate and noise immunity
Background Information
 • Analog Modulation • Digital Modulation • Sampling • Aliasing • Pulsed signals -time and frequency domain.
Phase Shift Keying (PSK)
 • BPSK • Coherent vs. differential systems • Differential demodulation • QPSK • 8-PSK
Quadriture Amplitude Modulation (QAM)
 • 16- QAM • Noise in 16 QAM vs. BPSK • EVM
Continuous Phase Formats
 • CP-PSK • MSK • FSK • Error Curve Comparison
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