RF and Wireless a la Carte (178)

Instructor Rick Fornes has trained hundreds of students on dozens of RF and wireless subjects with Besser Associates over the last 20+ years. Now, thanks to the flexibility offered by our Subscription program, we can offer you individual modules from some of Rick's most popular courses in an "a la Carte" format. Some of the modules appear in multiple courses, while others were developed for specific courses with a unique topic focus.
RF Mentor Academy Subscription
We will continue to add to the list of modules as they become available, so check back for updates.
Currently available modules:
  • Why Digital?
  • Receiver Criteria
  • Transceiver Architectures and Integration Techniques
  • Smart Phone Architectures
Upcoming modules (not neccessarily in order of availability):
  • Transmission Lines
  • Smith Chart
  • S-Parameters
  • Matching
  • Low Noise Amplifier Design
  • RF Power Amplifier Techniques
  • The Bigger Picture RF Wireless Systems
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